Serbian Wedding Traditions

Serbian Wedding Traditions

While some couples like to customize their bridal festival to fit their personalities, it’s still important to keep in mind the classic elements of a wedding. One way to maintain that the ceremony may remain joy for everyone and likely get remembered for years to travel is to keep traditions alive.

Buying the Wedding

A groom will be able to “buy” his bride by offering to her family and friends ( so known as Svatovi ) on her big day. The best man is in charge of making this present, and he needs to be prepared for whatever, including lips and her locks.

The Evil Eye is being diverted.

A vital aspect of a bride is to protect the few from the cruel gaze, which could result in misfortune. The Zarac may serve as the leader of the procesional leading up to the church, and this is accomplished by bringing in a man called the Zarac. To frighten any wicked eye spirits, he will use a whip and a wreath of chillies.

The Best Man& Maid of honor

The wedding and his entourage typically make a first-time appearance at the bride’s home to meet her friends and family. They may discover two boxes in this place: one with income and the other with corsages. A bouquet and some wealth are appreciated by friends.

The wedding and his guys are moreover known for wearing sashes that have the Serbian Coat of arms on them. These serve as a testament to the respect and love they show for the wedding and her home.

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